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The data portal provides access to comprehensive clinical and genotypic data for subject cohorts assembled in the context of various studies. The International Serious Adverse Event Consortium (SAEC) is committed to taking all reasonable precautions in order to protect the privacy of individuals whose data are hosted in this site. To achieve this objective we seek to verify that every person requesting an account in our data portal is a legitimate investigator associated with a reputable institution that has in place appropriate infrastructure and operating procedures to enable the secure storage of the SAEC data. To that end we ask that both you, the requesting investigator, as well as an authorized officer from your institution sign the SAEC data use agreement, which specifies the terms under which the data are provided.

More specifically, the process of acquiring an account in our data portal involves the following steps:

  1. Provide Investigator information : Please use the form below to provide your contact information and your affiliation, as well as a description of the nature of the research you intend to conduct with the SAEC data. Please make the description detailed enough to allow an individual with scientific background to understand how use of the SAEC data would further your research goals.
  2. Acquire institutional signoff ': An officer authorized to represent you institution must agree to the terms of the SAEC data use agreement and sign-off on your account request. This signature can be acquired in one of 2 ways (you will be asked to choose which one after you have filled the account request form below):
    • Online (preferred method): The officer you designate will receive an e-mail with a link to our site which contains (1) your completed registration form, and (2) the SAEC data use agreement. After reviewing both documents the officer will be asked to click on an "APPROVE" button to designate his/her acceptance of the terms of the agreement.
    • Offline: After completing the registration form below, you will be able to print a paper version of the data use agreement form. The agreement should then be physically signed and faxed to the number indicated on the printed form.
  3. Account activation : After institutional signoff has been received SAEC personnel will review your application (this includes, potentially, contacting your designated institutional officer to confirm that they have indeed signed the form) and will activate your account. You will then receive a message notifying you that you can access the data portal. The first time you log on, you will be presented with the same data use agreement that your institutional officer signed off on and you will be asked to confirm that you have read it, understand it and agree to its terms.
PLEASE NOTE: If you use the "Online" option for institutional signoff, we advise that you contact your institution officer at your earliest convenience to let them know that an e-mail from SAEC is forthcoming. This will help avoid having them treat this e-mail as spam.

Please fill out the fields below. Fields marked with a * are required. As soon as your account is created you will receive an e-mail with instructions how to access the system.

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Online signoff : Please click on the “Continue” button and proceed to enter the contact information of the institutional officer that will be notified to provide online approval of your account request.

Offline signoff : Please click on the “Register” button to submit your account request and to download a paper version of the SAEC data use agreement form (to be physically signed by your institutional officer).